3 In 1 Dog Comb
3 In 1 Dog Comb
3 In 1 Dog Comb
3 In 1 Dog Comb
3 In 1 Dog Comb

3 In 1 Dog Comb

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This brush is designed to comb, detangle and gently massage your pet's fur, offering a complete treatment to keep it clean, healthy and tangle-free. Its versatility and practicality greatly increase the perceived value.

Type: Pet hair removal brush

Material: ABS+Stainless steel

Color: red

Size: 9.5*18cm (the longest part of the comb surface is 15 cm, the widest part is 6CM, the tooth length is 1.5CM)

Suitable for: dogs


Our 3 in 1 pet brush is the essential accessory for taking care of your furry friend in a delicate and comfortable way. With a smart and multifunctional design, it offers comfort and well-being during daily grooming.

Equipped with specially designed teeth, the comb penetrates deep into the fur without causing pain to your pet. Its rubber spikes offer a pleasant massage during grooming, ensuring a moment of relaxation and well-being.

The comb is equipped with a central button which, with a simple gesture, retracts the teeth just used. This allows you to easily remove the newly collected hair, keeping the comb clean and ready for the next use.


Designed to provide gentle yet efficient grooming, our 3-in-1 comb ensures stress-free grooming for your pet. Gently remove excess hair without pulling or causing discomfort.

Made of safe, high-quality materials, this comb ensures safe and comfortable grooming for your furry friend. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and a hassle-free grooming experience.

Use our fantastic brush to create a moment of pampering and care for your pet. In addition to keeping the coat healthy, this comb offers your companion a moment of relaxation and well-being during grooming!





Cleaner Homes, Happier Pets

Effortless Grooming

The Pet Cleaning Remove Comb is designed to make grooming your pet a breeze, effectively removing loose hair and preventing matting.

Gentle on Fur

Its fine-toothed design is gentle on your pet's coat, ensuring that they remain comfortable and free from the discomfort of tangles and knots.

Easy to Clean

This comb is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it's always ready for use and maintaining your pet's coat in peak condition.